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  • Do you fear that someone you love has lost a dangerous amount of weight or is engaging in secretive behaviors such as making themselves throw up after meals?
  • Do you emotionally eat when under stress, upset or worried? Do you make yourself throw up afterwards?
  • Do you “sleep eat”, binge mostly at night, and feel out of control to stop it?
  • Do you fear you’re “addicted” to food?
  • Does your weight fluctuate a lot, and it has for most of your life?
  • Do you compulsively exercise in order to make up for “fattening” meals?


You do not lack will power.  You are not lazy.  You do not have an addiction.  You do not lack self-control.


In fact, if you or your loved one doesn’t receive the right support to let go of the shame and guilt surrounding these eating disordered behaviors, full recovery will be difficult to achieve.  At The Body Image Counseling Center we have been helping men, women and children quickly and permanently recover from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and emotional eating for over twenty years, and we can help you, too.  And without going cold turkey, continually punishing yourself, or getting shamed by others who don’t understand this problem. 

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The 6 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Help Someone With An Eating Disorder
Even though I truly love being a therapist, one thing about my job that is very difficult is receiving the weekly calls from parents and loved ones of people with eating disorders who ask the same heart-breaking question: “I know my child (wife, sister, brother, mother, or friend) has an eating disorder, but when I beg them to get counseling or see a doctor, they refuse and deny they even have a problem. What can I do to get them help?"


Help for Eating Disorders

Have you lost a significant amount of weight over a short period of time without a known medical cause?

Help for Couples

Is your relationship in trouble? Are you bickering most of the time, or have you grown distant?

Help for Parents

Is your child struggling with certain behaviors such as school phobia, extreme shyness...

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