Help for Feeding Disorders

Does your child refuse to eat certain foods, causing stress and fighting at the dinner table?

Does he only consent to eat specific foods that are extremely limited, and his selections seem to be growing more and more narrow?

Does your child act out during meals inappropriately, interrupting adults, placing his head on the table, screaming or leaving the table before being excused?

Is it difficult to go out to restaurants due to your child’s picky eating or problem behavior at meals?

Are you worried that your child is low weight or malnourished, and you don't know how to help them reach a healthy weight?

Have you been told by your child's doctor that he or she has a feeding or swallowing disorder?  

Signs and Symptoms to Look For During Meals

For individuals with a diagnosed feeding disorder or feeding difficulties and their families, eating can be a very difficult and stressful task. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of feeding and swallowing disorders in children:

  • arching the back during meals
  • being diagnosed as underweight 
  • refusing certain foods or liquids
  • crankiness or numbing out during feeding
  • difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • difficulty breathing while eating or drinking
  • taking a long time to eat meals - longer than the rest of the family
  • vomiting, gagging or choking during meals
  • becoming extremely upset when foods touch each other on the plate

Although there is no quick solution to feeding and swallowing problems, your child will have a much better chance of recovery if she works with a team of professionals who have expertise in successfully treating these issues.  Our in-house behavior analyst uses a behavioral approach to address food refusal, food selectivity, and inappropriate mealtime behaviors, and our dietitian can help your family develop effective meal plans to help your child or loved one get the nutrition they need.  Behavior therapy can be conducted either in the office or in your home, to cause the least disruption to your child's routines as possible. To schedule an appointment either in our office or in your home, please contact us below.  

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