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Eating Disorders

Lori Osachy talking about Men and Eating Disorders

Watch Lori and our registered dietitian and nutritionist, Liz Lagasse on WJXT News regarding learning to define health beyond weight numbers here.

Click  here to see Lori talk about how people with eating disorders are begin affected by the coronavirus and what they can do to feel better.

Listen to Lori on the WJXT Morning Show here discuss how social media fuels an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy.

Click here to see Lori on the WJXT morning show discuss how to talk to your children about the novel coronavirus.

Click here to see Lori on the WJXT Morning Show spreading the word about finding help for eating disorders

Listen to Lori discuss eating disorder treatment and the Text2BWell program on the national podcast PopHealthWeek  here.

Click here to see Lori discuss  Text2BWell on Action News 47

Click here to see Lori on the WJXT Morning Show discussing how parents can recognize the signs of eating disorders and get help that works.

Click here to watch Lori on Buzz TV educating about eating disorders for EDAW 2020

Click here to watch Lori on WJXT discuss the historic decision of Instagram to block all body shaming content to minors

Body Image

Click here to watch Lori on WJXT News on ways to raise your teens self esteem.

Click here to read Lori's advice in Reader's Digest on  how to boost your body image.

Click here to listen to Lori on National Public Radio discussing the science of positive self-talk for body image.

Click here to see Lori discuss  how to turn a negative body image around on WJXT The Morning Show.

Click here to read Lori's advice on WebMD on  how to accept and love your natural body size. Click  here to read Lori's advice in Consumer Affairs on  how body image relates to self-esteem.

Click here to read Lori's advice on Bustle.com on  how to learn to love your body right now.

Click here to read Lori's advice on  brit.co on why getting a "revenge" body after a breakup won't work and can make you sick. 

Relationships and Family

The Chat TV Show

Click Here to listen to Lori talk about proven ways to fix a troubled relationship on the WJXT Morning Show.

Listen here to hear Lori talk about monitoring students mental health at new school year starts.

Click here to watch Lori on the WJXT Morning Show talk about how the pandemic could affect the way a child behaves in the classroom.

Watch Lori here on the WJXT Morning Show explaining how to talk to your kids about online pornography and what to do if you find them watching it.

Listen to Lori talk about the use of methadone on this broadcast where a woman and man is charged with child neglect after a child in their care overdoses on fentanyl on WJXT News here.

Watch here to hear Lori discuss the dress code violations primarily affecting female students on WJXT Morning Show.

Click here to watch Lori on the WJXT Morning Show talking about the dangerous impact of social media on teen girls

Watch Lori here on the WJXT Morning Show giving helpful tips on how to discuss politics without breaking up your friendship or relationship

Click here to read Lori's interview with Her Campus about why it's sometimes OK to cut toxic family members out of your life.

Click here to see Lori discuss on the WJXT Morning Show  why older males are more prone to suicide and what to do to help them.

Click here to watch Lori discuss the dangers of teen vaping on the WJXT Morning Show.

Watch Lori here talk to WJXT News about why anxiety screenings are so important, tools doctors use to screen for anxiety and treatment options available.

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