Compulsive Overeating Recovery

Night Sky with a Crescent Moon Do you binge eat when under stress, upset or worried?

Do you go through unhealthy cycles of crash diets and uncontrollable bingeing on comfort foods?

Do you “sleep eat”, binge mostly at night, and feel out of control to stop it?

Do you fear you’re “addicted” to food?

Does your weight fluctuate a lot, and it has for most of your life?  

Did You Know?

Did you know that binge eating disorder, otherwise known as compulsive overeating, is common in both women and men?  There is often a lot of shame, both internal, and from society, about binge eating behaviors, which makes it very difficult for people with this problem to reach out and seek help.Another problem associated with binge eating disorder is “night eating disorder”.

The symptoms include bingeing that feels uncontrollable late or in the middle of the night, and usually on high-calorie “comfort” foods.  Sleep eating can be a source of great distress and feelings of shame, but please know that there is a logical reason for both binge eating disorder and night eating.


You do not lack will power.  You are not lazy.  You do not have an addiction.  You do not lack self-control.


In fact, I can guarantee almost 100% that you are very responsible and controlled in most areas of your life, so it’s driving you crazy that you can’t just stop your compulsive eating.  Believe it or not, part of the answer is to realize that the key to stop overeating is not dieting!  Did you know that 95% of dieters regain the weight eventually – but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.


Getting the Help You Need

We can stop your emotional eating, sleep eating, and binge eating disorder once-and-for-all;  and it doesn’t involve taking dangerous diet medications, following restrictive “fad diets”, admitting you have an “addiction” to food, or submitting to high-risk surgical procedures such as gastric bypass.

Recovery is possible!  Just call us at 904-737-3232 for a free 15 minute consult today, tell me about your personal situation, and I will give you a very specific plan about how we can help you stop emotional eating quickly and with lasting results.

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