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Video Counseling Available Right Now




Video Counseling Available Right Now


I wanted to reach out given the huge changes that have occurred in the world since the arrival of the novel coronavirus.  I have been counseling many people over the last few weeks and here are some of the issues that have come up for them around having to work for home, quarantine in place, or have their children begin online learning:


  • anxiety over the Coronavirus and the unknown future surrounding it

  • worries about becoming ill and/or dying

  • financial worries

  • feeling cooped up, bored, and anxious at home

  • feeling cooped up, bored, and anxious AND having to manage your kids feeling the same way.

  • a resurgence of eating disorder symptoms such as emotional eating, restricting and/or purging as a result of the surrounding stress

  • experiencing panic attacks or escalated OCD symptoms

  • concern about caring for aging parents who are more vulnerable to the virus

  • fears about running out of supplies and food

  • experiencing marital stress or conflict with kids when confined together

  • children and teens having increased anxiety, fear and depression without someone to talk to.


Any one of these issues alone would be enough to send a person's anxiety soaring, but many of us are dealing with most of them!


In times of crisis, human beings tend to drop their self-care and supports. This is rooted deeply in our human history going back to caveman times. We couldn't, after all, take a warm bubble bath if a dinosaur was trying to eat us!


In modern times, however, dropping our supports has the opposite effect and relationships (even strong ones) can suffer.


It is more important than ever during this pandemic to keep as many supports as you can in place, including therapy.  Weekly online counseling sessions can help you in many ways, including providing:


  • a confidential place to vent

  • a toolbox you can use to manage anxiety and depression (including how to accept uncertainty and avoid all-or-nothing thinking).

  • coaching on how to stop behavior problems when kids are forced to stay home for days on end

  • validation that you are definitely NOT THE ONLY ONE feeling this way!

  • couples coaching for creative ways to work as a team and avoid conflict during quarantine.

  • how to keep up nutrition and meal planning that supports eating disorder recovery.

  • how to manage out-of-control OCD symptoms triggered by COVID-19


Parents have also been noticing more problem behaviors in the children and teens, which is understandable given the stressful conditions we are all under. However, it can feel overwhelming and impossible to deal with these problems on top of having to manage the house, job (or lack of one), and your own stress.

This may be a good time to ask for behavioral coaching from our Board Certified Behavior Analyst for your child. She will give you a solid plan on how to alleviate behavior problems which can include:

  • Compliance issues (with chores, school work, etc.)

 Having issues getting your children to comply with everyday tasks? The BCBA can help create a reinforcement system to motivate your child to complete these tasks without you having to continue to remind them.

  • Decreasing problem behaviors

Is your child having problems with aggression, self-injury, yelling, property destruction, etc.? The BCBA can determine the root function of the behavior and work to teach appropriate replacement behaviors.

  • Creating a sustainable schedule/routine to increase compliance/reduce problem behaviors

Are you having a difficult time creating and sticking to a schedule to include schoolwork, chores, and family time? The BCBA can assist you in creating a sustainable schedule that your children will follow without complaint.

  • Sleep issues (refusal, not sleeping in their own bed, waking at night, etc.)

Does your child fight going to sleep, wake-up multiple times in the night, or refuse to sleep alone? The BCBA can help create a program to increase independent sleep.

  • Increasing food acceptance (working on picky eaters!)

Is your child super picky? The BCBA can help create a program to increase willingness to try new foods and decrease problem behaviors at mealtimes.

  • Toilet training program

Have you tried potty training without success or need a little guidance? The BCBA can help create a toileting program tailored specifically to your child.



Now Offering Confidential Online Therapy



Luckily, The Body Image Counseling Center has been offering online therapy for years through our HIPPA compliant app (used by medical professionals all over the world) called VSee.  All patients can use the software for free, all you need is an email address (you can learn more about VSee here.)


We currently have available appointments. If you haven't seen us in awhile for therapy, nutrition or behavior therapy, please take care of yourself and give us a call soon or send an appointment request here.


Please be safe, stay well, and reach out!





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