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Is Parenting Stress is putting your Relationship in Jeopardy?


Are you and your partner experiencing relationship difficulties due to parenting stress? Parenting can be one of the hardest jobs in the world, and stress is amplified when your relationship is caught in the crossfire. Here are some ideas to consider and tips to improve the situation before your relationship is beyond repair.

Are You and Your Partner on the Same Parenting Page?

Do you and your partner have different parenting styles, with different philosophies when it comes to:

  • Chores
  • Free time
  • Discipline
  • Structure
  • Academics
  • Recreational activities

Differences in parenting style can create a split that savvy children exploit to their advantage. Communicating ahead of time about important issues and learning to compromise helps keep you on the same page.

This way, you are able to support each other as a team.


Do You Both Share Parenting Responsibilities?

If one of you feels the other isn’t doing their fair share, it creates resentment. This is especially true if there is parenting stress. It’s not helpful if only one of you is handling the situation while the other is either minimally involved or not involved at all.  Effective parenting must be a team effort.

Do You Blame Your Partner for Parenting Stress?

As I’m sure you already know, blaming each other never really helps the situation at all, but we still do it sometimes when under stress. Certainly, it doesn’t help your child. Does one or both of you blame the other for the current stressors occurring in your family? Such as:

  • Not playing an active role in your child’s life
  • Being emotionally unavailable
  • Not supporting your partner when they need it
  • Unnecessarily creating conflict between yourself and your child

Granted, there may be some issues that truly do interfere with the family dynamic, such as alcohol or drug use. However, blaming each another isn’t going to fix these problems. Nor does it help change your child’s behavior. What you can do is calmly seek to understand what your role is and how your actions either help or hurt the situation.

How We Can Help

Our therapist can help your family get back on track, working to solve the issues causing parenting stress. She will spend time with you as a family in your home and assess how each of you interacts with one another. Then, she will provide recommendations for how to improve communication in a supportive way. For your child specifically, the therapist can also help implement behavior modification techniques to stop the following problems:

  • Talking back
  • Acting out
  • Defiance
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Being disrespectful


All families and parents experience stress occasionally. After all, no one ever said parenting was easy! However, if parenting stress is affecting your relationship with your partner, you should seek help right away. Don’t be afraid to utilize the expertise of our in-home therapist. Through behavioral modification techniques, you can alleviate parenting stress and strengthen the love between you.   


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