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Is Your Child or Teen Refusing to go to School
Is your child or teenage so anxious about school they refuse to go?
Are they having trouble getting out of bed in the morning and leaving the house on time?
Is your child obsessed over getting into the "right" college?
Does he or she tell you often that they "hate school" and/or feel suicidal because of school realted stress?
Teens and Religion
Is your teen’s questioning or rebelling against your religious beliefs worrying you?
The other day a friend and I were sitting over a cup of coffee and reminiscing about how we celebrated the holidays with our families when we were teenagers.  “I loved Christmas when I was a little kid,” said Angie.  “My brothers and sisters and I would wake up before dawn and sneak down to see if Santa had eaten the cookies we had set out for him, and then wake our parents so we could open presents under the tree”. 
Is Your Child's Oppositional Behavior Ruining Your Home Life?
Are you struggling with your child’s oppositional behavior? Do they talk back, refuse to do chores, and “push your buttons?” Oppositional behavior can be frustrating to deal with as a parent. When it’s happening, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do to stop it. However, there are many solutions within your control that you can start using today to improve the situation.
How to Put a Stop to Back talk, Door Slamming, and Other Teen Drama
The words drama and teenager seem to go hand-in-hand. At one time or another, every teen goes through a period of defiance and push back towards their parents. These can be frustrating times, but there are many things you can do to put a stop to the backtalk and navigate through this challenging time.
How to Help Your Teen with Self-Care Skills & Money Management without Going Insane!
Are you concerned about your teenager’s ability to manage money wisely? Today’s financial landscape is more complicated and risky than that of previous generations. However, there are ways to empower your teen to make smart money choices now, as well as provide skills that will help them become more independent adults.
Problems Communicating? 7 Ways to Help Your Child or Teen Learn Social Skills
Are you worried about your child or teen’s lack of social skills? Do you think your child is too shy, doesn’t have any friends, or is pushing potential friends away? Is your child struggling to communicate effectively with you or others because they become frustrated or angry? Does he or she seem unable to understand the complex social situations they face at school?

If so, you’re far from alone. Just take a look at some of the worries I discovered on the internet expressed by concerned parents:
How to Help Your Shy Child Relax and Have a Fulfilling Social Life
Does your child struggle with anxiety, especially in social situations?
Do you want your child to feel relaxed and enjoy a more fulfilling social life?
It’s possible. Even better, they can get the help they need at home, where they feel the most comfortable. Soon, your child can feel confident and prepared for what the world has to offer.
What is Applied Behavior Analysis and How Can It Help My Kids?
Is your child struggling with certain behaviors such as school phobia, extreme shyness, disrespectful behavior, refusal to complete chores, or procrastinating on homework?
Is your young adult having difficulty completing college classes, holding a job, and being able to live on their own?
Do you want your kids to learn how to positively interact with others and handle stressful situations appropriately?
Do you feel at the end of your rope with your child or teen’s difficult behavior?
Does he or she argue all the time and refuse to follow rules, leaving you exhausted?
Is he or she getting poor grades, despite high intelligence and capability?
Does he or she have trouble keeping up with self-care skills such as time management, money management, household chores or regular grooming?
Is he or she abusing alcohol or drugs?
Has he or she become more violent, breaking property, running away, skipping school or physically threatening you and other family members?.
Do You Know About This Hidden College Epidemic?
Published January 19, 2015 | By Lori Osachy
Do you know about this hidden college epidemic: substance abuse and eating disorders?

An excerpt from my new book brings it to light.

Do you know there has been a dramatic increase in marijuana use on college campuses, even in states where it’s not legal? I’m finding more and more that when people come to see me for help with eating disorders, they’ve also been regularly drinking to excess and/or using marijuana daily.
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