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Don’t Be The One-Legged Woman In a Wheelchair

Accessible Sign on a wallToday’s tip on eating disorder recovery is to think about your deathbed and how you want to look back on your life.

What Can Your Future Look Like with Positive Thinking and Determination?

This is serious but we have to bring out the big guns to battle negative body image and eating disorders, right? I want you to sit and project yourself one year, then five years ahead in your life and think about how you want to feel. And then I want you to think about the end of your life and ask yourself: “Do I want to look back and say that I hated my body? That I was obsessed with calories and weight for all of my years? That I always struggled with food and body image? Do I really want to look back and say that’s what much of my life was all about?”

Promise yourself that you're going to do whatever it takes to turn your negative body image around

This is a very powerful technique but it works. Promise yourself that you’re going to do whatever it takes to turn your negative body image around, including finding the right help to recover from your eating disorder, so you can look back and say that you were free from eating problems and body hatred.

The Story of the One-Legged Woman in the Wheelchair

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a true story, and I’m hoping it will be eye-opening for you. I was in the locker room of my gym a few years ago and a very nice lady came in wheeling an older lady, her mom, in a wheelchair. Her mom had only one leg. She probably had an accident or an illness and had to have it removed. She was probably in her 80s. The daughter wheeled her into the locker room and I heard them talking.

They were laughing and joking around with each other, and it was very sweet. But when they passed by the big scale, (of course all gyms have a huge scale), the mom said to the daughter “Honey, can you help lift me up out of the wheelchair and get me on the scale? I’m really worried that I gained 5 pounds this week and I want to check.” Hearing that comment was very, very shocking. It really drove home the point that you can live your whole life and still hate your body. This lady had gotten to be into her 80s. She’d made it, for goodness sake! She most likely had many wonderful accomplishments and terrible tragedies in her life, like losing her leg. Yet, she still was worried about gaining weight!

Do everything you can to go through your life and be happy and not worry about weight.

What is the moral of this story?

Don’t be the one-legged woman in the wheelchair! Do everything you can to go through your life and be happy and not worry about weight. Please let me know how doing this exercise affected you. And remember, this New Year can be your year to fully recover from an eating disorder! I give lots of help and tools to start your journey to recovery, and if you’d like to schedule an emergency Skype or in-person coaching session, just click here and I’ll be in touch within a day.

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