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4 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays


'Tis the Season

The holidays are here and along with cheer, parties and gift exchanges, they can bring a lot of stress. Many people suffer from stress during the holiday season and if you are one of them don’t feel bad about not enjoying every moment of the season.

Attempting to attend every get-together, see every family member, buy gifts for everyone and stay happy while you do it can cause unnecessary stress and you can avoid it! The stress of the holidays can cause relapses and can trigger eating disorder symptoms so it’s important to find ways to stay calm during this season.

Finding ways to de-stress during the holiday madness can help you keep your sanity and actually enjoy the holidays.

My Top 4 Tips on How to De-Stress This Holiday Season

  • Keep at least one period of time during the week completely free for yourself. Even if it’s just an hour in the morning to read a book or an evening free to watch a movie with your friend, you need to have some free time to rejuvenate your spirits. Pencil this in on your calendar so you’ll make time for it and it will help you say “no” to those holiday invitations since you already have time scheduled with yourself.
  • Keep up with a ritual or tradition or create one. The holidays can cause an upheaval into your rituals and schedules and it can be hard to feel grounded without those. I suggest having something that is yours that you can look forward to that can be a holiday ritual. For example, maybe you really enjoy decorating for the holidays or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Find something special around this time of year that really speaks to you and make it a priority. It will help your stress level and it will be something you can continue with in the future.
  • Keep a gratitude list and write down something you are thankful for every day. This time of year can be very commercialized and it’s easy to just want more and more or to feel like you have nothing. But by keeping track of what you are grateful for, even if it is something small, you can keep your spirits high by focusing on what you do have and how lucky you are.
  • Create a comfort basket. Fill a basket or bag with whatever helps soothe you, like a good book, bubble bath, lotions, fuzzy slippers, etc and keep it close! When you need to get away or are feeling lonely, turn to your comfort basket!

It’s very important that you keep your stress levels as low as possible during the holidays to help you avoid binging, purging or starving. It will also help you enjoy the season!


If you’re looking for more ways to thrive this holiday season, you can purchase the recording of my webinar 10 Proven Tips and Tricks to Successfully Handle the Holidays Without Overeating, Purging or Starving! It’s only $10 and you get the transcript, recording and I've also included a bonus comfort list in your download as well! Get access here!

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