The Body Image Counseling Center
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Do you feel like you'll never have a normal relationship with food or your body?

Are you having trouble finding a qualified eating disorder therapist in your town?

Have you tried other doctors and therapists who either didn't understand your eating issues, or worse, blamed you for them?

Do you worry constantly about food, weight and calories?

Do you avoid relationships and isolate yourself because of food and weight?

Has someone you care about told you she makes herself throw up and you don't know how to help?

I will teach you skills and techniques that can immediately provide symptom relief and put a permanent end to your eating disorder.

Don't suffer one minute longer -- call me personally at 904-737-3232 or email me at and I will be in touch right away.  

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Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW
The Body Image Counseling Center